This website is devoted to giving you direction and information about cue skills and pocket billiards training.  It is by no means complete, and I will improve it as the rest of life allows me.  Thank you for spending time here.


—Carl Oswald—   (or   Phone: 214-563-0345 in Dallas, Texas; United States_































Some of My Background


































Vision Statement


To become a reliable and  steadfast conduit of sound billiards instruction!


Mission Statement


My purpose is to continually excel in quality instruction that rapidly produces tangible and desirable results for my students.  I will do this using my intelligence, creativity, people skills, by continually learning and applying new techniques, by finding individualized solutions for my students, and by building winning relationships with players and other instructors in order to create a better billiards environment at every level (industry, play, instruction).








-                    Classes:

Shoot at the table, demonstrations, explanations, and classroom work with

a class manual:  Beginner, Advanced, Expert, and Instructor Certification


-                    Clinics:

Fast paced, and more students per instructor.


-                    Coaching:

For players who want the Personal Trainer in a flexible format.

Strategy, patterns, safeties, supervised drills, and more!


-                    Consultation:

Over the phone or in person.  Teleconference video analysis is

available.  Both the student and the instructor need a video tape (or DVD)

and a viewing station with slow motion capability.


-                    P.A.T.:

Training for and administration of open and closed Playing Ability Tests.


-                    Entertainment:

I am available to work social engagements.

Commonly I demonstrate ‘trick shots’, tips and techniques, and shoot as an

opponent for casual play or a “Beat the Shark” challenge format.


-                    Travel:

The above services are often needed elsewhere in the world.  Bringing me

to your location often saves time and/or money.  Class recommendations are

one instructor for every three students and classroom conditions.  Clinics are

very flexible, with more students per instructor.


-                    Instructor Certification and Upgrades:

-Billiard Congress of America Instructor Certification and upgrades.

-SPF Family of Instructors training available.










































































Pricing Guidelines

(Please e-mail or call for current rates)


Group Pricing (non-clinic)

          Two Students – 15% total discount

                                                          Three or more Students – 20% total discount


One Hour Lessons (+/- 10minutes):  $50 each


Three Hour Session (+/- 10 min.):  $135


This a recommended starting place for private lessons to establish common language, mechanics, eye patterns, and the standard Speed Control scale. All lessons can be customized to a student’s needs or desires.



Add Video Analysis: $30

This allows both of us to see and correct many problems.





The benefit of classes through Cue Tech Poolschool is that you will be able to learn and interact with multiple students.  For classes of four or more students, you will also have at least one additional instructor.  It can be very valuable to have more than one style of explaining the same training.  General classes are: FUNdamentals, Advanced, Expert, and the Instructor Certification and Upgrade Course.

Please visit for more information, and please let Randy know you found him on my web page. 

Thank you.

Text Box: Private Classes with me (approximately 8 hours per day): By appointment only.

Video Analysis is free if needed.

One Day: $350          Additional Consecutive Days: $300/each day.

Instructor Certification: Call for rates.  As of 24 September 2007, the minimum fee for entering the Instructor Program through me is $750 for a one day certification (all fees and manual included).  Complete SPF training endorsement is usually separate.  I instruct  on how to instruct a student as much as I do on what material or system you may want to use.  Example: How to instruct for different learning styles.






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Carl Oswald : B.C.A. – Master Instructor             or   
214-563-0345 (Dallas, Texas; United States)













CUE TECH POOLSCHOOL – Where the core of my instruction comes from.


JERICO CUES – Maker of the greatest custom cues I have ever used.


O-B CUES – Home of the OB-1 shaft, my most trusted and favorite shafts.


Billiard Congress of America A billiard industry trade organization that

contains the Instructor Program.

BCA Pool League – A national league system devoted to skilled amateur play.


The SouthWest Eight-ball League (S.W.E.L.) – A B.C.A.Pool League system.


B.E.T.E.R. Play Billiards – After-school high-school billiards programs.


Playing Ability Test – The P.A.T. System of testing and training.


ONEPOCKET.ORG – For those of you who love the game of One Pocket.


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